The Company

To be a provider of high quality and reliable IT support is more than just a hobby. It takes dedication, commitment and an increasingly high level of knowledge to be able to meet the requirements of clients. Whether it is offering expert advice on the most effective machine for you, or dedicated support to get you and your business up and running after technical difficulties, dedication is key.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic client will never detract from the quality of service you receive. We view all our clients as equal but approach their requirements individually. There is rarely a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach available when you are dealing with IT, with every problem unique.

As an independent company we guarantee that all our knowledge and understanding is our own, meaning the advice and support we offer remains completely objective, with no hidden agenda. Our aim is to provide you with a perfect service and we will always take the most effective approach to succeed at that.

When we take on a client at LD Computer Services we consider them a customer for life. Luckily for us the vast majority of our clients feel the same and we have a loyal base that returns again and again. By being able to offer a consistently high level of service and regular results to problems or technical issues, we develop close relationships with clients.

Our ability to offer a combination of repair, IT support and even website management has made us the comprehensive solution to many of our client’s needs, both personally and in business. The fact that we can offer a single point of contact proves incredibly valuable, streamlining the process and helping us and you to achieve results faster.

Experience is of course important but less so without knowledge and passion. At LD Computer Services we love what we do and aim to get that across in every service we provide. So whether you are looking for a quick repair to a home desktop or remote client support for your business, speak to a dedicated member of our team today to see how we can help.