Terms and Conditions


  • Invoices become due 14 days from the date of the invoice, unless stated otherwise. We will exercise our statutory right to claim interest at the rate of 8% plus the base rate of the Bank of England and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.
  • All and any amounts paid to LD Computer Services Limited are non-refundable. If more than what is owed is paid to LD Computer Services Limited, the balance will remain on your account as a credit. This credit can be used at any time for any service.
Acceptance of Services

  • Due to the nature of the work that LD Computer Services Limited conducts, it is not always necessary to draw up a formal contract for the acceptance of services. Verbal agreements, a handshake and agreements by means of email are as legally binding as a written contract.

  • All of our websites come with a 14-day guarantee. After this period, and because all of our clients are given full access to all website files, we cannot accept responsibility if the website is hacked or goes down as we no longer have full control over how the website is used. The software associated with the website, such as WordPress and Plug-Ins, becomes the property of you, the website owner, and it is your responsibility to ensure that such software is updated as may be necessary to ensure the continued smooth running of the website. We do offer website maintenance packages to cover any issues which may arise and to ensure the software is kept up to date. Please ask a member of our team for more information.

  • Our client's best interests are of the highest importance and will be in our mind at all times. However, we shall not be liable or responsible for any loss incurred including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of contract, loss of business, damage to Company image or brand under any circumstances whatsoever whether as a result of the Clients website being down, social media updates, website, video, imagery, news articles, emails sent or any other service provided on your behalf or on behalf of the company.
Website and Email Hosting

  • LD Computer Services Limited takes no responsibility for any website hosted on a server that it does not charge for or manage. Once a website is hosted on another server, the original 14-day guarantee is withdrawn immediately and any problems or issues that LD Computer Services Limited is asked to attend to, are charged at £20 per hour.
  • All websites moved to or built by LD Computer Services Limited are to be hosted by LD Computer Services Limited for a minimum term of 24 months, unless otherwise agreed. If you wish to cancel your website hosting or host your website elsewhere within this minimum term, you are required to settle the outstanding balance you owe, this total is calculated by multiplying the number of hosting payments outstanding by the monthly hosting fee, in addition to a one-off transfer or cancellation fee.
  • LD Computer Services Limited reserves the right to suspend your email accounts and website over any and all non-payments. It is your responsibility to ensure all invoices are paid on time. LD Computer Services Limited will make every effort to resolve your non-payment problems, however, it is not their responsibility or liability to do so as this is the responsibility of you as the client.
  • LD Computer Services Limited uses the world’s leading providers when it comes to website and email hosting as this is the safest and most professional means of hosting business accounts. Subsequently, LD Computer Services Limited cannot be held accountable and will accept no responsibility or liability of any kind for any issues you may experience, however, LD Computer Services Limited will make every effort and attempt to resolve issues that may arise on your behalf. If an issue is caused by the hosting provider then LD Computer Services Limited will no apply any charge to your account. If the issue was caused by you or it is diagnosed as a local issue however, then our standard hourly rate at that current time will apply.
  • All email accounts provided within every website hosting package on a complimentary basis. LD Computer Services Limited can advise you on premium email services should those be required.
Domain Names

  • LD Computer Services Limited updates, manages and renews hundreds of domain names each month. An automated management system is in place to ensure all website addresses are renewed on time to avoid any potential downtime or loss of address. All domain renewal invoices are automated and are issued after our payment for your domain name has been made. To date the system and process have been flawless with no errors or issues, however, aspects of the process are out of the control of LD Computer Services Limited and require the domain name broker to fulfil their part of the process. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for and not limited to any failure to renew the domain name or change in DNS settings. Please be assured that LD Computer Services Limited has a core focus in customer service and delivering excellent value for money, subsequently, it is in the best interests of our company to ensure all processes such as domain renewals run smoothly, correctly and on-time. Domain name renewal is a service that LD Computer Services Limited takes very seriously but must protect itself as a company due to not being wholly responsible or in control of all aspects. All domain name cancellations are to be given in writing, clearly stating the exact website addresses you wish to cancel. If no such confirmation is received, LD Computer Services Limited will be unable to cancel the future renewals of your website address, resulting in you as the client, remaining liable for all domain name renewal fees.

  • LD Computer Services Limited provides a 14-day guarantee to websites we have built from the date of completion provided access has not been taken by the client. At the point of providing website access, the client is taking ownership of their new website and at this point is obligated to full settlement of any existing and future invoices related to the project. For any tasks LD Computer Services is asked to carry out or attend to, a charge of £20 per hour is applied. At the point of access, the 14-day guarantee is immediately revoked because we cannot then be held responsible for any accidental or intentional damage to the website code and setup. LD Computer Services also takes no responsibility for any issues that may arise due to inexperience, misuse, limited expertise or any other reason.

  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to provide content for their website. We undertake to design and build the website and once this has been completed, our invoice for carrying out such works will be issued and due. This is regardless of whether website content has been published. This is to protect LD Computer services Limited from delays by the client in producing content. All clients will have access to their website to add content as and when they choose. Any such delays can be avoided through the content production services that LD Computer Services Limited offers.
Email Accounts

  • All email accounts that LD Computer Services Limited provide come with 400mb of storage space as standard, which is more than many leading hosting companies allocate. Leading hosting companies typically allocate between 100mb and 400mb per email account. 400mb of space should be sufficient to store circa 80,000 text based emails. Emails containing images consume a lot more space and it is recommended those files are saved and then that the email is deleted soon after as this will increase the space available within your email account. It is suggested to use websites such as WeTransfer or Mail Big File when sending large or a high volume of image files as this will not affect your email quota. It is possible to increase the quota of your email account, however, due to greater resources being allocated to your account, an additional monthly fee of £2.50 per 400mb is to be incurred, per email account in which the additional space has been allocated.

  • Ownership of a website or any work carried out is not transferred to the client until full payment and all monies owed and or to be owed are paid in full to LD Computer Services Limited. Even if a project is canceled or your website is taken offline due to non-payment, the total amount invoiced and or to be invoiced is still due in full.
Monthly Aggrements

  • Should a client cancel any monthly package agreements after work is carried out the original hourly rate of the service that has been proved is due and will be invoiced to the client. Usually setup fee's etc are covered within the first months fee of the monthly agreement if there is any additional charges that are not included within the first months fee, the client will be informed of this.
  • All monthly agreements are for a minimum term of 12 months, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payment for any monthly agreements confirms your knowledge, acceptance and commitment towards such agreements. This means you are liable to pay any outstanding and future invoices in respect of those agreements in which previous payments have been made, until they are cancelled in line with our terms and conditions.

  • All Deposit payments are NON REFUNDABLE and by paying a deposit payment you are accepting this. Deposit Payments are used to cover costs and secure our services, they can in no way be returned, if you have paid a deposit payment to LD Computer Services Limited you have accepted this.
Cancellation of Services

  • We require 60 days’ notice if you wish to cancel any of our services. As we incur administrative costs when accounts are deactivated we charge a one off cancellation fee which is invoiced directly to the client.
  • The service you request to cancel shall continue up to the final day within the calendar month your service cancellation falls. This is to avoid disruption and you will be invoiced up to this date accordingly. Subsequently, it is required that you submit your cancellation request by the first (1st) day of the month for your services and invoices to end in exactly 2 months time. No services shall stop mid-month and any mid-month cancellation request will be carried over to the following month.
Loss of Business

  • LD Computer Services Limited accepts no liability for any loss of business for any reason.
Device Repairs

  • LD Computer Services Limited will repair devices whenever possible but cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any damage caused to the device by the initial impact causing the device to need a repair.
  • A device repaired by LD Computer Services Limited cannot be returned or deemed repaired incorrectly after the device has been repaired by LD Computer Services Limited and the outstanding invoices relating to that repair have been paid in full. LD Computer Services Limited has no control over what happens to the device once it is handed back to the client and therefore cannot later be held responsible.
  • LD Computer Services Limited will repair every device to the best of their ability but cannot accept responsibility for any device not fully repaired due to it's original damage resulting in it being brought to us.
  • We accept no responsibility for any delays caused by third party suppliers in relation to the delivery of parts or repair of devices. We will always do our best to communicate with the client but these matters concerning our suppliers are out of our control.
  • LD Computer Services Limited are no longer responsible for any device taken to a different company for repair or inspection after being repaired by us. In taking your device to another place, you accept and agree to your obligation to pay for any remaining balances due from the original repair made by us, should any balance be outstanding.

  • All invoices are to be paid in full as cleared funds within a maximum of 14 days.
  • Any invoice disputes are to be made formally in writing within 7 days of the disputed invoice being issued with evidence and a supporting statement as to the reasons behind the dispute. Any disputes beyond the 7-day term set will be dismissed from any consideration.
Terms & Conditions Updates

  • By employing the services of LD Computer Services Limited in any capacity, whether it be by through a verbal conversation, handshake, email, letter, payment, PDF or proposal document. You immediately accept and adhere to all terms and conditions.
  • You also accept all current and future updates to our terms and conditions which you can visit and access through our website at any time. We also include a link to our terms and conditions throughout all marketing activities, our website, and invoices, making it very easy for you to keep up to date with them at all times.
  • We are always happy to discuss any points within these terms and conditions with you if you have any questions or queries concerning them.